MCM Eleganté Lubbock makes it look easy to run a 293 room full service hotel with Fetch.
Reduced defect rates by 76% in 6 months.
Improved post-stay satisfaction 9% in just 3 months.
Online reviews improved 18% in just 1 month.
Hotel Size
293 Rooms
Lubbock, Texas
Star Ratings
4 Stars
Full Service Hotel & Suites
Guest Texting
Post-stay Survey
Ticket Management
Review Management

MCM Eleganté Lubbock makes it look easy to run a 293 room full service hotel with Fetch.


The MCM Elegante is located in the heart of West Texas and known far and wide for the most comfortable beds on the planet. With complimentary breakfast, happy hour specials, an indoor pool, and 24/7 fitness, Bed & Body Works amenities, and a whole lot more, they have Southern Hospitality down to a tee.

As a large full service hotel, they know better than most the importance of making sure every guest has a great stay with them. But that is no easy task with 293 rooms.

The Challenge

Venita and her team had implemented a number of solutions and procedures over the years to address specific pieces of the problem. But sometimes too many solutions becomes a problem of it's own. Especially when managing almost 300 rooms: streamlining and simplifying became key.

The Solutions

Fetch was chosen to do three main things: (i) enhance existing procedures, (ii) fill in any gaps, and (iii) consolidate into one centralized portal. The challenge was accepted with open arms :)

(i) Enhance

On-site feedback and guest engagement was identified early on as a critical area with room to improve. Two key aspects were addressed:
1) Paper comment cards were replaced with proactive on-site SMS surveys.
2) The cell phone that was left at the front desk to SMS with guests was replaced with Fetch's decentralized SMS via web app, allowing real-time messaging from any staff member any time from anywhere.

(ii) Fill in Gaps
A lot of opportunities, both guest and internal, were being handled in a more traditional manner: radio calls, emails, and pen-and-paper. This became difficult to track and manage at the scale the MCM Elegante operates on. So Fetch's ticket management system was implemented to bring this into the digital age.

(iii) Consolidate
There were already between 4-6 platforms being checked and monitored on a daily basis by varying members of the team. The idea to bring every request into the same platform, for the entire guest journey, saved time, increased efficiency, and decreased overall cost.

The Results

Within a matter of days Fetch was adopted as the new way of operating in Lubbock. Adoption was fast, compliance was high, and engagement skyrocketed to never-before-seen levels from guests and staff alike. Once the months rolled on, the direct impact on internal metrics and online reputation were undeniable. Fetch has since been implemented across the rest of the MCM portfolio with the same glowing results.

“Easiest implementation and staff buy in of any platforms we have launched.”


General Manager

MCM Eleganté Lubbock

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