One place for any case. No, Really.

Empower your staff with the right tools so that they can provide a memorable guest experience. Without having to remember 6 logins.

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Having no centralised view of the guest experience is costing you speed, service, and efficiency.


Maximizing guest satisfaction is a core priority for quality hotels.

Solving guest requests quickly & efficiently is critical.


Managing multiple systems and manual, disconnected processes is hard.

There is no clear accountability and it is difficult for staff to collaborate & coordinate.

As a result, guest requests are either solved inefficiently, or not solved at all.

Business Impact
  • Lower resolution speed

  • Higher defect rates

  • Reduced guest satisfaction

  • Poor reviews posted online

  • Fewer bookings

  • Reduced revenue

Fetch enables you to manage the entire guest experience quickly & efficiently in one place.

No more duct tape.

The traditional approach of implementing, monitoring, and managing half a dozen platforms is broken. It’s tricky (at best) for your staff to keep up with, your data is siloed all over the place, and chances are the systems don’t all communicate. Not to mention the cost associated with this strategy…

So Fetch is your silver bullet. Everything your team needs to deliver amazing service and put smiles on faces, all in one easy place. Your hotel’s one-stop-shop to track and resolve every opportunity from an intuitive digital hub.

Find it and fix it.

The days of broken telephone are over. Staff can log any opportunity, work through it internally and with the guest in real time, and close things off when they’re done. With a series of real-time alerts, badges, and reminders to let staff know when something needs their attention and if anything is starting to get a bit stale.

We believe in a system of “flexible recovery”. So you can leverage a number of different tools to work through an opportunity.

This includes tagging staff and departments, leaving notes, 2-way texting, 2-way emailing, uploading images, tracking costs, and even custom checklists. You can even schedule tickets to create in the future and on custom recurring scheduling. Like magic.

Easy coordination thanks to full visibility.

Every action on a case is reported and viewable at any time. Now you have full transparency via permanent digital records. Always know who did what and when!

Conversations: Have full conversations with your guests, with all responses coming back into Fetch. The best practices are countless: responding to low ratings, room ready alerts, DND sign, checkout reminders, and many more!

Notes: Every action on a case is reported and viewable at any time. Now you have full transparency via permanent digital record. Always know who did what and when!

Shift Reports: The days of Post It notes and Word Docs are over. Create digital shift reports that are automatically formatted and emailed to all the right people. Digitally archived to view at any time.

Everywhere you are.

Every day is different at your hotel, but one thing is certain: you and your teams are on the move. Fetch can keep up with the best of ‘em!

Our app is optimized for every device. So whether you’re at your desk, walking around on your phone, at home on your tablet, or anything in-between, you have the entire hotel at your fingertips. Dynamic rendering ensures Fetch will fit perfectly on any screen that you load it on.

Our “live sync” guarantees that everything will update in live real-time across any device. So you never have to worry about jamming refresh or missing something that a team mate does.

Our customers benefit from streamlined operations.

Hospitality Group
Lodging & Leisure
  • Reduced defect rates by 55% across the entire portfolio in a matter of months.

  • Improved resolution speeds at all properties by at least 31%, with some high as 73%.

  • Hotel Legends has been #1 spot on TripAdvisor locally since starting with Fetch.

Case Study

Five hotels. Hundreds of staff. Thousands of keys. One platform: Fetch.

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Luxury Accommodations
The Lucerne
  • Reduced defect rates by 89% in 4 months.

  • Improve average resolution speeds by ~59% in 1 month.

  • Rose 91 places on TripAdvisor (NYC) since deploying Fetch.

Case Study

The Lucerne delivers 5 star service in a 120 year old landmark for 21st century guests with Fetch.

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Full Service Hotel & Suites
MCM Eleganté Lubbock
  • Reduced defect rates by 76% in 6 months.

  • Improved post-stay satisfaction 9% in just 3 months.

  • Online reviews improved 18% in just 1 month.

Case Study

MCM Eleganté Lubbock makes it look easy to run a 293 room full service hotel with Fetch.

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