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The results are purely an estimate and subject to change based on various factors that went into the calculation.

Independent hotels of all shapes and sizes are thriving with Fetch.

Hospitality Group
Lodging & Leisure
  • Reduced defect rates by 55% across the entire portfolio in a matter of months.

  • Improved resolution speeds at all properties by at least 31%, with some high as 73%.

  • Hotel Legends has been #1 spot on TripAdvisor locally since starting with Fetch.

Case Study

Five hotels. Hundreds of staff. Thousands of keys. One platform: Fetch.

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Luxury Accommodations
The Lucerne
  • Reduced defect rates by 89% in 4 months.

  • Improve average resolution speeds by ~59% in 1 month.

  • Rose 91 places on TripAdvisor (NYC) since deploying Fetch.

Case Study

The Lucerne delivers 5 star service in a 120 year old landmark for 21st century guests with Fetch.

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Full Service Hotel & Suites
MCM Eleganté Lubbock
  • Reduced defect rates by 76% in 6 months.

  • Improved post-stay satisfaction 9% in just 3 months.

  • Online reviews improved 18% in just 1 month.

Case Study

MCM Eleganté Lubbock makes it look easy to run a 293 room full service hotel with Fetch.

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