Five hotels. Hundreds of staff. Thousands of keys. One platform: Fetch.
Reduced defect rates by 55% across the entire portfolio in a matter of months.
Improved resolution speeds at all properties by at least 31%, with some high as 73%.
Hotel Legends has been #1 spot on TripAdvisor locally since starting with Fetch.
Hotel Size
5 Hotels
Biloxi, Mississippi
Star Ratings
4 Stars
Hospitality Group
End-to-end Guest Management
Ticket Management
Shift Reports
Advanced Reporting

Five hotels. Hundreds of staff. Thousands of keys. One platform: Fetch.


Lodging & Leisure believes its success is due to its dedicated and loyal staff and customers. Each property has been designed to provide the best experience possible, trying each day to be better than the last. Each team member explicitly understands the goal: rise to any challenge with grace and customer care.

With values like that, it is no surprise that the customer is always right at one of L&L's resorts. But with properties that range from 370 rooms with a water park on the roof to a more subtle 76 key historical hotel, ensuring consistency in service across a diverse portfolio is mission critical.

The Challenge

It's one thing to implement a tech stack for 1 property. But the growing pains and effects of platform fatigue are multiplied in a group setting. When you are Katy Rhode, managing quality at 5 hotels, every additional system is really 5 more. So finding one platform to check all of their boxes became priority #1.

The Solutions

Katy and her team had three key goals in mind that they needed to accomplish: (i) deliver better service than ever before, (ii) consolidate into one system, and (iii) learn more than ever before to facilitate continuous improvement.

(i) End-to-end Guest Engagement
They wanted to speak to guests at each critical part of the journey, but didn't want to leverage 6 systems to accomplish that. So Fetch's custom guest journey builder was perfect for them. Each L&L property uses Fetch to engage with guests pre-arrival, during their stay, post-stay (via email survey), and even captures and manages their 3rd party online reviews. All from the same dashboard!

(ii) One-Stop-Shop
In addition to guest engagement, there were countless other internal opportunities that required the same tracking and collaboration. Having a dedicated system for each department's specific use-case proved to be ineffective, so Fetch's ticket management system has been leveraged for the entire hotel to work from. One place for any case, with the same great capabilities.

(iii) Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Katy and hear team used to spend countless hours trying to pull reports and make sense of all the metrics. This was a burden daily, weekly, and monthly--let alone annually! Fetch's analytics and automated reporting was able to instantly eliminate 95% of the manual work while vastly improving the accessibility to key metrics across all levels of the organization.

The Results

Since launch the entire portfolio has been able to put a big green check mark beside each of the three original objectives. As they say: the proof is in the pudding. Defect rates are way down, staff engagement is way up, and we have even helped 1 of their properties maintain that coveted #1 spot on TripAdvisor. But best of all, staff at all levels of the organization only have 1 login to remember now: Fetch.

“Fetch has been incredibly user friendly, keeping training time minimal and giving our team more time to focus on what really matters - the guest experience.”


Chief Quality Officer

Lodging & Leisure

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