Stop bad experiences in their tracks.

The only guest engagement tool you need in your toolbox. Instantly communicate with guests through various channels and make sure they have a great experience.

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Sub-par guest experiences are costing you revenue & retention.


Maximizing guest satisfaction is a core priority for independent hotels, where guest reviews, word of mouth, and repeat business are major drivers of revenue.


Things can go wrong. We’re all human. But many hotels often don't know about an opportunity until it's too late (if at all). Problems go unresolved and smiles turn to frowns.

Business Impact
  • Higher defect rates

  • Reduced guest satisfaction

  • Poor reviews posted online

  • Fewer bookings

  • Reduced revenue

Proactive and reactive

Opportunities can come from anywhere at anytime. So Fetch has you covered in both directions:

  • We are proactive with your guests. We automatically engage with them at critical moments of their journey, using email and/or SMS, to find you those golden recovery opportunities. No apps or downloads required!

  • A guest may call down to the desk, or shoot you a text for more towels, or you may hear something in the lobby, or engineering might spot a leak in room 305. You can log any reactive opportunities all in the exact same place.


Guest expectations are higher than ever. Responding to an issue 2 days later just won’t cut it anymore. So with Fetch everything is to-the-second live.

This is true for both your guests and your staff. You can communicate internally and externally without skipping a beat. Handle feedback, requests, repairs, amenities, questions, and much more, all from one centralized dashboard.

Your perfect guest journey.

Every stage of the guest journey represents a unique opportunity to engage, measure, and ensure a perfect stay for your guests. Of course on-site is critical, but why stop there?

With Fetch you can proactively cover the entire guest journey, from end-to-end. Pre-arrival, on-site, post-stay surveys, and even 3rd party online review management. Pick and choose which touchpoints work best for your property, and even create your own custom journeys from scratch.

Give your guests an easy way to communicate with you.

Texting in real-time.

Give your guests a direct link to your staff for anything they may need. Any guest can message with your hotel at a custom local number. Feedback, requests, information, and much more.

All responses come right back into the system. Full visibility for the whole team.

Identify opportunities with the world’s simplest survey.

1-tap feedback. Branded to your liking.

Survey & engage your guests at critical moments of their journey, using email and/or SMS, to find you those golden recovery opportunities. Before they take it online.

Guests respond in 1 tap, getting 20x stronger engagement, and can use their own device. No apps or downloads required!

Resolve opportunities efficiently.

Easy coordination thanks to full visibility for the whole team.

One centralized dashboard for staff to collaborate and resolve incidents in real-time.

Track any opportunity, work through it internally as well as with the guest, and close it off when done.

Simple, right? 😉

Engaging with new reviews has never been easier.

Track and manage online reviews from all the leading sources.

All new reviews will be displayed in Fetch. That way you can engage with reviews as they are posted, and no longer have to manually check all the different sources.

Our customers benefit from higher guest satisfaction.

Hospitality Group
Lodging & Leisure
  • Reduced defect rates by 55% across the entire portfolio in a matter of months.

  • Improved resolution speeds at all properties by at least 31%, with some high as 73%.

  • Hotel Legends has been #1 spot on TripAdvisor locally since starting with Fetch.

Case Study

Five hotels. Hundreds of staff. Thousands of keys. One platform: Fetch.

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Luxury Accommodations
The Lucerne
  • Reduced defect rates by 89% in 4 months.

  • Improve average resolution speeds by ~59% in 1 month.

  • Rose 91 places on TripAdvisor (NYC) since deploying Fetch.

Case Study

The Lucerne delivers 5 star service in a 120 year old landmark for 21st century guests with Fetch.

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Full Service Hotel & Suites
MCM Eleganté Lubbock
  • Reduced defect rates by 76% in 6 months.

  • Improved post-stay satisfaction 9% in just 3 months.

  • Online reviews improved 18% in just 1 month.

Case Study

MCM Eleganté Lubbock makes it look easy to run a 293 room full service hotel with Fetch.

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Engage & delight your guests

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