Turn your hotel into a well oiled machine.

One place for any case to ensure your team is empowered to deliver on any opportunity.

Meet Jane.

Jane is a Director of Operations.

Jane is responsible for making sure the hotel operates as a hotel should.

That may sound simple enough, but that couldn't be further from the truth. All roads (and departments) lead back to Jane!

She wants to make sure the hotel runs like a well oiled machine. That means happy staff all armed with the tools they need to get their roles and tasks completed in the most effective way possible.

But she struggles to find one system that multiple departments can use-let alone one that is simple enough to track and learn from.

What does success look like for Jane?
Total coverage
Guest satisfaction
Defect rates

How Fetch can help

Less radio calls. Less post-it notes.

Bring your operations into the 21st century with a real-time collaboration hub for opportunities, optimized for all devices. And all the reporting you’ve ever dreamed of.

Track. Complete. Repeat.

A single dashboard to track any opportunity, work through it internally as well as with the guest, and close it off when done. Simple as that!

Be proactive and reactive.

Every opportunity–whether from a bad survey, text message request, or leaky sink–flows into the same great system. So staff don’t need to juggle half a dozen logins anymore.

Operations departments rely on Fetch to drive results

“Each department at each property is fully engaged. From shift reports to checklists to repair, housekeeping, and lost and found tickets: the possibilities are endless and under one simple platform”.

Katy Rhode

Chief Quality Officer

Lodging & Leisure

Turn your hotel into a well oiled machine

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