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One platform to empower your whole team to take care of guests (and each other). For the entire guest journey.

Meet Peter.

Peter is a General Manager.

Peter oversees all aspects of the hotel's daily operations.

But there are items at the top of his list every day:
1) Are our guests happy?
2) Do my staff have what they need to excel?

Peter wants to empower his team so they can take care of guests as well as possible, plus some.

Then it is critical for him to have a holistic overview of the hotel's operations as a whole to ensure things are running according to plan.

But he doesn't have the right tools in place, nor the budget for 10 different systems.

What does success look like for Peter?
Guest satisfaction
Online reviews
Staff satisfaction

How Fetch can help

Accountability and Transparency.

Keep track of who, is doing what, and when. Like never before possible. That way nothing will slip through the cracks.

X-ray Vision.

Analytics that tell you what you need to know in plain English. All about your guests, staff, rooms, and everything in-between.

“Easy” in every sense of the word.

Easy to set-up. Easy enough for any staff to learn in a matter of minutes. And easy on your budget 😊

General Managers rely on Fetch to drive results

“Easiest implementation and staff buy in of any platforms we have launched.”

Venita Yelley

General Manager

MCM Eleganté Lubbock

Empower your staff with the right tools

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