A swiss army knife for service.

How can one platform make guests and staff happy? Scroll down…

Meet Ross.

Ross is the Director of Rooms.

Ross really cuts to the core of hospitality: making sure the hotel has happy heads in beds.

Everything that has to do with those heads (i.e. guests) and beds (i.e. rooms) finds it's way to Ross. Which as you may imagine, is a bit of everything with an emphasis on service.

He wants to ensure high standards for guests to make sure they come back (and tell their friends).

But he doesn't have the tools to solve problems in real-time as they come up and lacks an effective way to keep his team on top of tasks.

What does success look like for Ross?
Guest satisfaction
Resolution speed
Team accountability
Transparency & analysis

How Fetch can help

Make every stay a great one.

Find opportunities for guest recovery, both proactively and reactively, and give your team everything they need to knock it out of the park.

Keep everyone on the same page.

One centralized dashboard for staff to collaborate and resolve incidents in real-time. Plus a full set of alerts to make sure staff know when something needs their attention.

The important insights.

Learn more than ever about your guests, staff, and hotel.

Rooms departments rely on Fetch to drive results

“Fetch has given our team an opportunity to stay organized and focused like never before. There has been a huge improvement in both team member and guest communication.”

Katy Rhode

Chief Quality Officer

Lodging & Leisure

One platform to delight guests and empower staff

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